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Are you a property owner struggling with unreasonable leasehold service charges, disputes with builders over the value of work completed, wanting to Enfranchise or go down the Right to Manage route? Christine has many years of experience in dealing with all these issues and more. For a confidential and free initial chat about your options and how she may be able to assist, please contact her:

01386 219630

Some recent successes:

Case Study 1: Issue: A builder extending a bungalow into a two storey property reduced the scope of works and following the handover and final payment, issued a supplementary invoice, some £10,000 above the contract price of £50,000. Christine was asked by the owner to review the original scope of works, the revised and reduced scope of works and then to provide a Witness Statement to the Court setting out her advice on the correct procedures the builder should have followed when reducing the scope and her view of the correct revised contract price. Result: The builder’s Small Claims Court application for the additional sum of £10,000 was struck down and following an out of Court settlement, the client has received a refund from the builder of some £9,000 from the original contract price. Saving to client: £19,000

Wendy M – Property Investor Christine Janaway FRICS has been a 'God send' to me. Her professionalism and care in several cases I have presented to her for advice have been met with a timely and practical response. Her support has been invaluable and ongoing. I feel valued as a client and treated in a very personable way. I have no hesitation in recommending her services, she is clearly a very experienced professional in her field.

Case Study 2

Issue: Numerous problems with car parks attached to retail outlets, service charge disputes, boundary disputes, security problems, maintenance and repairs by landlords not being done. Christine worked through all the issues and identified the appropriate responsible party, taking action to ensure that all covenants in the commercial leases were being adhered to. Result: The resolution of many and varied issues, some relatively minor but which nevertheless impacted heavily on the trading of the stores.

Simon F – Car Park Manager for one of the big 4 Supermarkets Just a quick note of thanks on your last day working with me on the XXX account. You’ve been a great help to me with the very challenging car parks portfolio and I have always been impressed with your responsiveness, knowledge, basic ability and sheer determination to get to the heart of the (sometimes complex/confusing!) issues on some of the sites.

Case Study 3: Issue: A young couple with no experience of commercial leases were induced to take on a lease of a retail outlet in London. It transpired that the “landlord” was in fact a tenant and had no rights under the lease to sub-let. The young couple had paid a substantial deposit on the lease and were significantly out of pocket. In the meanwhile, the actual landlord served walking possession and the young couple were effectively locked out of the premises, with no recourse. Result: Because of the circumstances, Christine assisted them at no charge, although the situation was fairly bleak, they at least were able to walk away with no further liabilities other than the money they had already spent. Christine investigated the solicitors named on the lease and found them to be fictitious. The firm was reported to the Law Society and further action was taken against them.

Jo R You are just divine Christine. Even if nothing can be done, the point is that you cared enough to try. What a message to a young person!! Thank you xx

Case Study 4: Issue: A block of leasehold flats had been very poorly managed for a number of years, the common parts had been allowed to fall into disrepair and the value of the flats was being affected. Christine worked through the previous three year’s of service charge accounts and identified errors in the reconciliation for two of the years. Further, the lack of maintenance by the managing agents meant that a number of required services and checks had not been undertaken. She prepared a letter for the client to send to the managing agents and the freeholders setting out clearly their responsibilities under the terms of the lease, the breaches of those responsibilities and what the client wanted to remedy the situation. Result: The managing agent resigned from their role and refunded two years of fees into the service charge account.

Wendy Mc – Property Investor Dear Christine, I just wanted you to know our good news and how your support, guidance and help has rewarded me and my fellow leaseholders. A great Christmas present and no need to take further legal action...... We may well be in touch again....I can see us always needing to know you are there. Kind regards

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